Northern Dutchess Botanical Gardens, Rhinebeck NY is a grower of an extraordinary variety of annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs and ornamentals. Nestled away in the back woods of Rhinebeck with a range of 8 greenhouses and 3 holding houses, we have been horticulturaly servicing the wants and desires of local gardeners for over 35 years. Not exactly on a well beaten path, but every plant nut, garden meister and perennial plant lover has managed to seek us out and spread the word, we thank them! But for you it is easier, if you're familiar with the area, just call or better yet use the Directions link and print out a map. Our sales yard is outside so our opening day is always weather dependent. Stock is brought out as weather permits but usually by the end of April or first week of May we are up and running.

So here we are, all of us together dealing with a situation that may be with us for a pretty long time. The toll it’s been taking on our health and wellbeing both physically and emotionally is not insignificant and for those who find solace in gardening you’re facing a bit of a conundrum. Plant or pass this season? Those of us who garden know it’s benefits, the calming effect of playing in the dirt and watering. The beauty of flowers for the table, the hours of welcome distraction tending the pots and baskets that decorate our homes not to mention the extraordinary sense of reward when putting food on the table from the plants we’ve tended. This is the joyous wonderment that will see us through the calamity, quiet the noise, center our being, feed our soul and our bellies…. It will soon be summer! And now, given this situation, we have an opportunity to reclaim the best parts of summer we may have been overlooking, short changing or taking for granted. There’s no place to go but home, so go barefoot, be safe, plant away and start a water fight or two while you’re at it. Our season, here at NDBG started last summer, when seed and plug orders were placed. By January we were sowing, by February we were in the thick of it and by March the greenhouses were running full bore, there’s no stopping now, we have been and remain committed! The result, we are here and we’ll be open. We’ve established some ground rules, to keep us all as safe as humanly possible and still be able to enjoy the greatest part of Summer… The gardening part!!

Rules of Engagement Update.

1. If you have a cough, fever or sore throat please DO NOT ENTER the grounds.
2. Masks Required. Please bring your own sanitizer so you are 100% clean upon arrival.
3.Limited Occupancy. As we are adjusting to the circumstances, we’d like to announce a few changes in our ‘RULES’. No appointments are necessary for you to come and shop. Everyone has been really good at regulating themselves in the continued practice of social distancing. We will continue to ask that only one household enter a greenhouse at a time. Be conscience of your fellow shoppers. We will be happy to and will do our best to retrieve your plants for you.
4. We encourage you to choose 1 family member shopper. Please leave children at home (we’re sorry). Also please no pets this year. Let’s try to keep it simple and efficient!
5. Please observe ONE WAY AISLES and practice social distancing, Keeping a minimum of 6 feet between people.

Please know that we are doing our very best to serve you and remember you are coming to our home. These rules are for each and every one of us. We appreciate your patience and respect. In our 40 years of doing business here we have never faced such challenging time. We are eternally grateful for your loyalty and participation to get us through… and for that… We Thank You!
Doug, Adam, Pam, Marcella and the Crew

845-876-2953 @ndbotg on Instagram Find us on Facebook: Northern Dutchess Botanical Gardens


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Here at Northern Dutchess Botanical Gardens we have reconfigured our space in order to devote an entire greenhouse to sustainably clean grown vegetables and herbs, with over 30 varieties of heirloom and 35 varieties of regular tomatoes, nearly 50 varieties of peppers and over 150 vegetables and herbs including eggplant, basil and much more. We are excited to present a product that has no chemical fertilizers... we are using an OMRI registered fertilizer and, as always, we never spray our edibles, the ladybugs patrols easily handle the pests.

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