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From Manhattan to Rhinebeck, NY in 1979 we laid claim to 11 acres of land and built our first greenhouse, growing rare and tropical collectable plants that were sold mail order all over the U.S. as well as Central and South America under the name ‘Mobile Gardens’ for 12 years. Then a fuel crisis took its toll and the need for a cash crop gave birth to our second greenhouse, coached and mentored by Clifford Tine, a third generation greenhouse plantsman of the now defunct New Jersey Botanical Gardens in Somerville. So was born the passion for our lifelong indulgence. Next, getting a name change that wouldn’t confuse us with a trailer park or campground and presto Northern Dutchess Botanical Gardens appeared. For the next 35 years our two families developed our two botanical businesses into what we think is a very unique little niche in the horticultural community.

The coolest thing about NDBG – is that it breathes – a working, living greenhouse operation where the plants we sell are the plants we grow right here. Whether from seed, cutting, plugs, roots or divisions they're grown here. So you could just walk around and see what we do to make the stock look the way it does – healthy, green and happy. Just watch out for the hoses, they’re everywhere.

The sales yard is maintained outdoors comfortably situated between greenhouses and some display gardens all of which nestle nicely in the back woods of Rhinebeck, off the beaten track in as relaxed a setting as a nursery can have. We’re set up in the most visitor friendly way we can think of. Each group of plants is set on their own benches or in the case of larger groups like perennials their own areas in alphabetical order and exceptional signage with pictures, culture and descriptions. The results make an easy, satisfying and informative plant buying experience for any level gardener.

We’re happy to lure you Plant Nuts and Garden Meisters with some obscure annual or little known perennial, but we're most proud of the people who have become avid gardeners and credit us with their new found prowess.

Cool, huh!

So! Be warned. We know the hardest part of what we do is getting you here, but once you're here, you're spoiled and you’re ours! My favorite stories are those from people coming here for the first time, they all start out different but always end something like this:

“Are you sure you know where you’re going?”

“I’m following the map!”

“This can’t be right!”

“I’m following the map!”

“But there’s nothing on this road!!”

“I’m following the map!”

“Wait… look…. There’s a sign”…

“That’s it ... ”

“Turn here…can this be it?”

“I followed the map!”

“No! Maybe! ....Oooooooh! Honey, Looook! Oh! I love this Place!”

Our roots run deep as now 2 of our 4 children have joined us. And with a range of 8 greenhouses and 3 holding houses on 70 acres the future looks bright. To our loyal customers we thank you for your patronage and support, to first timers whose curiosity we’'ve managed to tweak, know that you'll always be welcome to our horticultural family.

The Santini Family


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